We are living longer. On one hand, it is great as we will have more time to enjoy life post retirement. On the other hand, there are health problems associated with old age such as poor eye sight, sluggish coordination, low muscular strength, and chronic illnesses. All these may lead to increased frequency of falls and fall injuries.

Falls cause pain and temporary or permanent disability, and in some cases premature death. It also causes stress to the family, emotionally and financially. And it is a substantial cost to the health and welfare systems to care for elderly with fall injuries.

This site is devoted to helping you, at whatever age, to develop an understanding of elderly falls and how it may be prevented.

We will focus on circumstances related to elderly who live at home, and address topics such as risk of falls, risk assessment, preventative measures, and fall injuries.

The problem of elderly falls is universal but the service and help available will be different from region to region. Where it is relevant, we will discuss services available in the UK and Ireland of which the editorial staff is more familiar with.


This site is created and maintained by Yee Hun Hoong. I am a Registered Nurse, trained in UK, and have worked in the National Health Service for many years in both clinical and administrative settings.

Now retired and live in Ireland, I’m a freelance web content and copy writer. I write about health and health related matters but focus mainly on ageing and elderly healthcare. Well … I am a senior after all, hence have all the reasons to acquire good knowledge about the subject. Sharing this information with my readers is an added pleasure.

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