Are You Taking Vitamin D Supplement?

Vitamin D supplement

Perhaps you should. Medical experts recommend that people at risk of Vitamin D deficiency take supplements daily. The at-risk groups include older adults, people with little exposure to sunlight, dark-skinned people, and those on a vegan diet. Why do Older Adults Need Vitamin D Supplement? Vitamin D is available in two natural sources: (1) it …

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Unsafe Footwear Impairs Balance and Increases the Risk of Fall

Safe shoes fit securely and has non-slippery soles

Elderly who fell and injured themselves often were found wearing inappropriate shoes. In “The Guideline for the Prevention of Falls in Older Persons”, both American Geriatric Society and British Geriatric Society have pointed out inappropriate footwear as a major cause of concern. Whether indoor or outdoor, unsafe footwear can cause loss of balance and bad …

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Plantar Fasciitis and Helpful Remedies

Plantar fascia is the ligament joining the heel to the toes

A friend phoned and said the doctor told her she had plantar fasciitis in her right foot. “The pain is killing me,” she said. “Could be walking.” She has recently taken up walking exercises and strength training and has been enthusiastic about it. So, what is plantar fasciitis? Plantar fasciitis is a foot problem that …

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Foot Problems Increase the Risks of Falling

Foot problem can increase the risk of falling

Common symptoms of foot problems are pain, swelling, redness, tingling and numbness in one or both feet. Many of us probably have experienced some or all of the above. It takes a lot of grit to walk with blisters, right? Whether causing pain or numbness, foot problems can affect our balance and change how we …

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Throw Rugs Are Big Fall Risks

Do you know more seniors fell over throw rugs than ice and snow? We would not doubt that ice and snow are significant fall risks. Hence, we would think that fall injuries such as fractures are more prevalent in winter. But apparently, this assumption is wrong! A recent study1 shows that most falls occur during …

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Alcoholism Among Elderly

There is a rising problem of alcoholism among the elderly. Recent studies show that the over-65s in Britain and elsewhere drink more heavily than previous generations of seniors. Alcoholism is associated with many medical, social and economic problems. Older people who drink heavily also subject themselves to fall injuries, dementia, liver disease, heart disease and …

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