Hidden Health Risks of Isolation for Older Adults

old man doing fitness exercise to prevent health risk of isolation due to covid-19 pandemic

  Most countries have reintroduced movement restrictions and social distancing rules with the rapid rise of Covid-19 infected cases and hospital admissions. Once again, older adults, especially the 70+,  are advised to shelter at home to reduce exposure to the life-threatening disease. And visits to long-term care homes will be restricted. While these protective measures …

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What Is Age Related Sarcopenia?

age related sarcopenia is a progressive loss of muscle mass and strength or function associated with aging

Having problems walking long distances, up a slope, or climbing stairs? The tired old legs are usually the first to warn that we are no longer young …… If you don’t have other health problems, that feeling of low energy and decreasing physical strength is likely due to sarcopenia. What is age-related sarcopenia? Sarcopenia is …

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