Fall hazards for seniors at home

Fall hazards - slippery floor

Fall is the leading cause of accidental injuries among the 65+. Statistically, six out of ten falls happen at home, some of which are fatal. Hence, elderly fall prevention must start with discussing fall hazards at home. Places around the house where you are most likely to fall are: Stairs Living room Bedrooms Bathroom Garden  …

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Reduce fall risks in the elderly

Can we help our elderly parents, grandparents, friends, or neighbours prevent falls? Yes, we can. It is not easy, but it can be done with planned actions. Fall can be caused by many reasons or a combination of reasons. But the most common fall risks factors in older adults are: Unstable gait and balance. Poor …

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Hip protecting airbags

Hip’Air - a hip protector by Helite

At the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) on 7 January 2018, French company Helite launched Hip’Air, a safety product for the elderly. Hip’Air, a hip-protecting airbag, is designed to prevent hip fractures. It is a wearable belt with a sensor and two airbags. The airbags on either side of the hip will inflate within 80 milliseconds …

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Alcoholism Among Elderly

There is a rising problem of alcoholism among the elderly. Recent studies show that the over-65s in Britain and elsewhere drink more heavily than previous generations of seniors. Alcoholism is associated with many medical, social and economic problems. Older people who drink heavily also subject themselves to fall injuries, dementia, liver disease, heart disease and …

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