Reduce fall risks in the elderly

Can we help our elderly parents or grandparents, or friends or neighbors, to prevent fall? Yes, we can. It is not easy but can be done with planned actions. Fall can be caused by many reasons or a combination of reasons. But the most common fall risks factors in older adults are: Unstable gait and …

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Fall Prevention Awareness Week

Fall is the leading cause of injury deaths and hospital trauma admissions in older adults. Fall is also preventable if we are aware of the risk factors and take actions to minimize them. The first week of Fall each year is Fall Prevention Awareness Week. This event has taken place since 2008 to raise awareness …

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New Monitoring System That Gives Early Warning If Elderly Is At Risk of Falling

Wristband that elderly wore so that their walking pattern can be tracked.

  Technology used at BMW’s assembly line is transferred to a new monitoring system that can accurately indicate if an elderly is at increased risk of falling. Declining cognitive function increases the risk of fall. The possible causes are medication, lack of sleep or dementia. This is a disturbing safety problem for elderly who live …

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Are You Ready for Tai Chi?

Tai Chi or Taiji, is a form of Chinese martial arts. It is a popular exercise usually practiced for health, although it can be used in combat too. It helps to improve muscular strength, balance and coordination. Tai Chi is characterized by slow flowing movements, relaxed but mindful, almost like meditation in motion. In China, …

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