The Best Way to Prevent Fall is Exercise

A woman is jogging outdoor.

Having strong bones and muscles is probably the best way to prevent fall. Public Health England has launched a report advising people to do regular exercises to strengthen their muscles and bones. Strong bone and muscle strength helps to maintain good balance. Aerobic physical exercise ensures good oxygenated blood reaching the brain and other vital …

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Keep Active and Strong

We lose some muscle mass naturally as we grow older, that explains the declining muscle power and strength in the elderly. This problem gets worse if we lead a sedentary lifestyle or become bedridden due to illness. But being old does not equate with weakness and frailty. Numerous studies have shown that regular physical exercise …

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Are You Ready for Tai Chi?

Tai Chi or Taiji, is a form of Chinese martial arts. It is a popular exercise usually practiced for health, although it can be used in combat too. It helps to improve muscular strength, balance and coordination. Tai Chi is characterized by slow flowing movements, relaxed but mindful, almost like meditation in motion. In China, …

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