Older men are missing out on routine osteoporosis tests

Are you surprised that men do not have bone density tests routinely? While all major health organizations recommend osteoporosis screening for women over 65, there are no consistent guidelines for screening older men. A new study presented at ACR Convergence (The American College Rheumatology’s annual meeting) highlighted this problem. Even after significant fractures, treatment rates …

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Exercise to Strengthen Muscles to Prevent Fall

exercise to strengthen muscles is the best way to prevent fall.

Having strong bones and muscles is probably the best way to prevent falls. Public Health England has launched a report advising people to exercise regularly to strengthen their muscles and bones. Intense bone and muscle strength helps to maintain good balance. Aerobic exercise ensures well-oxygenated blood reaches the brain and other vital organs. Healthy ageing …

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Are You Taking Vitamin D Supplement?

Vitamin D supplement

Perhaps you should. Medical experts recommend that people at risk of Vitamin D deficiency take supplements daily. The at-risk groups include older adults, people with little exposure to sunlight, dark-skinned people, and those on a vegan diet. Why do Older Adults Need Vitamin D Supplement? Vitamin D is available in two natural sources: (1) it …

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Are You Ready for tai chi?

Tai chi, or taiji, is a form of Chinese martial arts. It is a popular exercise usually practised for health, although it can also be used in combat. It helps to improve muscular strength, balance and coordination. Tai chi is characterized by slow-flowing, relaxed but mindful movements, almost like meditation in motion. In China, people …

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